Property Maintenance and Cleaning for Landlords

Being a landlord, the onus is on you to maintain your property in a good condition so that it attracts tenants who are looking for vacant premises. When you showcase a well-maintained property, you are bound to get quick offers at better rents and there are fair chances for attracting tenants who hold reliable jobs and do not have problems paying their rent promptly. Moreover, moving into a property that is spic and span will naturally prompt the tenants to continue maintaining it in the same manner.

If you want to maintain your property really well you need to call in professionals who are adept at maintaining residential accommodation. If not regularly, you should at least call them in whenever the tenancy period ends for a cleaning routine that will ensure that the property is in good condition and attractive for the next tenants. If you have difficulties in locating a good professional cleaner you should get in touch with a professional letting agent who can handle the job for you.

Many landlords have understood the convenience in contracting letting agents for managing their properties. Letting agents are experienced in this line of work and have the right contacts, though they usually charge a steep fee, but one which is generally well-worth paying. Apart from helping maintain your property, a letting agent is the best person who can help find the ideal client who won’t make too much of a fuss or make a general nuisance of himself or herself as they perform various due diligence checks prior to the tenancy beginning.

Cleaning the premises and carrying out minor repairs whenever necessary are two important aspects that can be taken care of by most landlords on their own. What with companies advertising online, it is easy to locate a professional cleaning company and sign up for annual contracts. However, there are a few landlords who are not quite aware of how to go about such things, and they become the targets of letting agents who tend to capitalise on their ignorance. Hence it is important to beware of some unscrupulous letting agents who tend to overcharge landlords for extending such services.

There being no set SLA (Service Level Agreement) to go by and many landlords don’t know how to go about contracting with an agency in this regard. The costs can vary from agent to agent, and unwary landlords often end up spending more than necessary. Hence, it makes sense to make a thorough search before signing up with a cleaning company or letting agent in order to avoid problems at a later stage.