Young men can no longer afford a bachelor pad!

Talking of bachelor pads, one can’t but recall the escapades of Bertram Wooster, the star character created by the master of satire, P.G.Wodehouse, and the bachelor pad he used to live in with his faithful butler the all-knowing Jeeves. However, today, bachelor pads are hard to come by, especially for young working men who need to desperately find living quarters.

Whatever the social status of the young men of today, finding a bachelor pad of their own is just a pipedream. The only option seems to be the shedding of their cherished bachelorhood and getting hitched, so that they can find some decent accommodation. Whoever heard of a young, carefree male getting married just because he can’t find decent accommodation?

According to a research conducted by the Halifax Building Society, more than half the male crowd in the 18 to 35 age bracket are struggling to find decent accommodation and are having to turn to their partners to help them find a decent home.

Bachelor pads seem to be things of the past, and almost 20% of the young men and 10% of the young women have come to the conclusion that it makes sense to buy a property jointly, instead of chasing a house that is never in sight.

Blame it on the steadily increasing real estate prices, especially the houses in the residential areas. The sad part is that the earnings of today’s young crowd do not match the steep increase in property prices. With hardly any savings to talk about and the going rate for deposits in the range of £33,000 a home is beyond the reach of most of the youngsters of today.

It is no wonder then that most of the bachelors are desperately seeking partners, which will automatically make them eligible to rent a decent home, whether they are eligible bachelors or not is another matter. While some are contemplating buying a new home of their own, thinking that they will somehow cough up the mortgage payments, some others are totally confused with no home to go to after getting back from work.

Finding a partner overnight also is not a feasible alternative, and the sad plight of today’s young men is not appreciated by landlords and the general public who know hardly anything about their sufferings. Whether this sudden demand for homes, to buy or rent, will push up property prices is anybody’s guess.