Make it your own!

We have now entered an era in which the Internet is the network that businesses communicate through as the number of new, specialised cloud applications grows each day.

Businesses are starting to demand modular ways with which to interoperate with all the new cloud applications that are springing up daily: 

  • Property Management to Letting Agent software; 
  • Home Inventory services to Deposit Protection schemes; 
  • Letting Agents to Property Advertising boards; 
  • and so on… 

At Lets Safe we have followed the trend and have created an open API that allows businesses to seamlessly ‘white label’ our software.

As letting agents, property managers, or rental companies, this enables your software developers to integrate our API so that you can utilise our tenant referencing services directly from within your own website, giving a professional and wide-reaching offering to your business.

Our team have a wealth of experience and expertise in developing interfaces for a wide range of systems and we have a proven track record when it comes to making technology solutions work well together.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you extend your current capabilities.

Tenant Referencing API

Check out our GitHub repository for more information.

Create a Tenant Reference using PHP