Welcome to Lets Safe

We offer the most comprehensive and competitive priced credit checking and tenant referencing solution on the market with a mobile-friendly and modern system as well as a full API for integrating into your own website, or property management system.

We provide a thorough mechanism of validating your prospective tenants by running background and credit checks to determine whether they are potential risks, giving you confidence you are renting to the right people.

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Letting Agents, Landlords, and Tenants

If you are a Letting Agent or Landlord you may want to use our services for screening your potential tenants.

When you use Lets Safe you don't have to worry about wasting your time to gather facts about your prospective applicant. We will conduct fast, comprehensive referencing and credit checks, and provide you with a risk report detailing a number of aspects.

You may also want to use our services if you're a tenant and you want an approved document to present directly to the landlord of your prospective accommodation. Our final report enables you to self-certify to keep one step ahead of other tenants who are looking at the property of your dreams.

Secure Bank Checks

Our unique 'Enhanced' product range enables Landlords and Letting Agents to securely and quickly validate tenants' bank accounts, income payments and affordability.

We provide income source as well as recurring payments analysis.

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Simple. User Friendly.

We offer a user-friendly solution to allow you to effortlessly create, track and manage your reference applications, and our fantastic Customer Services team will be here to help you at every step of the way.

Our modern system is accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device. We love technology too - and for the techies out there, you can subscribe to Slack webhooks to receive notifications about your references.

No Contract - Low Risk

By definition, we don't believe in risky business. Neither do we believe in long-term contracts.

However, we do believe you will love our simple and trusted solutions.

Just sign up and buy some credits to get started!