Complete Tenant Screening

Our premium product offers a thorough mechanism of validating your prospective applicant’s rental history by running background checks with their previous landlords to determine whether they were indeed ‘good’ applicants.

This is a good option if you’ve perhaps previously rented to this applicant and you simply want to verify their income through an employer reference.


Express Tenant Screening

This is our simpler, quicker version of our referencing tools where the emphasis is placed primarily on the applicant’s credit and debt history and whose focus is to inform you of a positive financial status before you engage a new tenancy.


Tenant Screening

In order to be a successful landlord, you need to perform a number of jobs. Interestingly, you may also have to play the role of a private investigator, as that's the only way to determine which individual out of your pool of applicants is going to be a successful applicant. You need to be good at picking responsible applicants to keep your rental business afloat, but it's also a fact that you cannot do the hard work required to track down tenant references. This is exactly when it makes a lot of sense to get in touch with a letting agent or a tenant screening company.

What is Tenant screening?
Tenant screening is a process of getting relevant information that helps you make a sound decision on a prospective applicant's suitability. With an increase in the number of people who are looking to rent, people are now applying for properties that are usually at the top of their budget; therefore, referencing applicants is the only way to have the peace of mind that those people can afford your property.

The Cost of Getting Rid of a Problem applicant
Considering the current buy-to-let boom, many landlords are now interested in taking advantage of this investment opportunity. However, it's found in a research study that thousands of landlords are facing a loss of at least £1,500 as unexpected costs.

What is tenant screening?

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