Does I need to register to use the service?

  • Yes. Before using Lets Safe credit checking and referencing services, Landlords and Letting Agents need to register. Please note that any details supplied will be used solely for the purpose of providing Lets Safe services.

  • Once the registration form is complete, you will receive an email with your login details to access the portal area where you can create new reference applications and track progress and results.

  • Please read our Terms and Conditions before using our service.

How much does it cost?

  • There is no registration or monthly fees charged for using Lets Safe referencing services.

  • We offer a Pay As You Go service: simply top up when you need more credits.

  • It is possible to arrange bulk order, or arrange monthly invoicing billing if preferred.

Which product should I choose?

  • This is your own choice and depends on your own approach to risk. Lets Safe Express (Credit Check) will let you know if your prospective tenants or guarantors have had any financial problems in the past and that they have given you the correct addresses.

  • The Complete and Guarantor checks are our most common and recommended products as these include references and income confirmation and are more likely to give a better risk analysis of the individual.

  • Both our Enhanced products are advanced checks which provide a quick, easy and secure way of providing us with electronic bank statements so we can validate income and affordability.

How safe are your banking checks?

  • Lets Safe partner with our recognised partner Callcredit to perform any bank validation checks. Tenants will need to download a secure app in order to process their banking information.

  • We have integrated Callcredit's Mogo banking smart browser app which enables a secure method of obtaining tenant's bank account details in order to verify and calculate affordability.

  • For more information, read the Mogo-banking FAQs here.

How long will it take?

  • Our Credit Checking service is instantaneous and you will have a report in a matter of moments.

  • Similarly, our Enhanced Instant is expected within 1 hour provided all the correct information is supplied.

  • We aim to complete all our referencing enquiries within 24-48 hours. Any delays in the reference checking procedure are nearly always due to referees not responding to the reference request. We call referees and send them emails, however we cannot guarantee getting a response from them (e.g., if someone is on holiday or unreachable for some reason).

  • Tenants and Landlords will receive a notification email once the reference is complete.

How does the tenant find out if they passed the reference check?

  • The Landlord or Letting Agent will receive notification and a report as soon as we have gathered enough information available to allow effective risk analysis.

  • We are not allowed to tell tenants the result of their application for security reasons; it should be at the Landlord or Letting Agent’s discretion how they handle the risk analysis.

Can I track the progress of my references?

  • You will receive regular email updates informing you of the progress of your references and what stage they are at. You can also see the referencing progress report within the portal, once you login to Lets Safe. This report will also show you any issues with the reference (e.g., invalid email address submitted).

Should I use your report to make my decision?

  • Our assessment report should not be the only factor in your decision as to whether or not to offer a tenancy. The Lets Safe reference captures a profile of the applicants' circumstances at a specific moment in time. We provide you with our assessment to help you make your final decision.

When should I use a Guarantor?

  • If a prospective tenant fails their reference, then with a suitable guarantor you may still decide they can take on the tenancy. In these circumstances, or for students, you may want to consider the Guarantor check.

Can I issue a reference application form to my tenant?

  • Yes, this is exactly how Lets Safe works. You simply supply the tenant’s email address and they will be responsible for entering all the relevant data such as personal information, addresses and referee details.

Can I purchase Rent & Legal insurance cover?

  • Rent Protection will be available soon, but in the meantime, we have recommended partners who can offer this service. Please call for more information.

Do you offer Right to Rent for immigration checks?

  • This product is coming soon!

What payment types do you support?

  • You can pay for any of our products using all major credit cards. There are no additional fees charged.

Do you offer refunds?

  • Yes, we offer refunds to you if the reference application does not complete for any reason. Please note however that this is at our discretion.

Will the tenants receive an update of the progress of their reference?

  • Yes, not only will tenants receive an email from us once the reference has completed, they will also receive a daily update by email informing them of its progress.

Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?

Express (Credit Check only)

  • 1+ credit - £7.00 + VAT

  • 500+ credits - £6.50 + VAT per check

  • 1000+ credits - £6.00 + VAT per check

Complete (Credit Check and Referencing)

  • 1+ reference - £14.00 + VAT

  • 500+ references - £13.00 + VAT per reference

  • 1000+ references - £12.00 + VAT per reference

Is my personal data safe?

  • Yes. Lets Safe are a registered Data Controller of the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) and operate in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Unless consented to, no personal data is passed to any third party with the exception of the Landlord or Letting Agent concerned. For further information please see our Privacy Policy on the website.

  • Furthermore at Lets Safe, we are GDPR ready and are fully aware of the new regulation and best practices.

Do you have an API? Can I integrate your Services?

  • Yes. Lets Safe offer a comprehensive API for white-labelling and integration to your own website. Please get in touch for more information.

What do the Risk Scores on the Final Report actually mean?

Our Credit check returns a risk score of LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH. The score is provided by Callcredit and is powered by algorithms that calculate a statistical score against individuals' good/bad probability ratings based on various parameters such as CCJs, Insolvency, Bankruptcy, or payment defaults.

The scoring uses the following ranges: 

  • HIGH Risk Range (480 - 519)

  • MEDIUM Risk Range (520 - 569)

  • LOW Risk Range (570 - 620)


In the event that you have a higher score, you are typically observed as a lower hazard and therefore you have a LOW score, and vice versa.

You shouldn't make a decision about a tenant purely on the score alone and we recommend that you consider a variety of other factors. Remember: a LOW risk score doesn't guarantee that the tenant will be a good one!

How do I update my email address?

To update your email address login to our portal and go to "Settings -> Change Email Address", you will need to login again after the email address has been updated.

What ID is required for Rent Protection?

A list of suitable ID’s can been found here

Where can I see Rent Protection FAQs?

Click here to find out more.